Message by the Supreme Commander


Brother Knights:

We are now in the stage of our country’s healthcare and social history where one might think this only happen in sci-fi movies we watched.

The CoVID-19 pandemic is continuously spreading worldwide and it does not spare the Philippines. There are now, as of press time, 140 cases listed by the Department of Health. To alleviate the situation, our brother knight and President of the Philippines Sir Rodrigo Roa Duterte, KGCR declared Metro Manila, the domicile of our Order, under community quarantine in order to contain the deadly virus.

In this time of a public health emergency, we at the Supreme Council thinks of your safety as we are in one big Rizalian family. As our country responds to this crisis, we are all being called upon to make choices to mitigate the possible impact of the illness to us.

Furthermore, as this illness is transmitted person-to-person, we highly recommend all our brother knights to minimize outdoor activities, especially meetings and gatherings related to your chapters, areas, and regions. We better stay indoors, or if we really need to go out due to necessity or emergency, please observe proper precautionary measures such as wearing face masks, regular handwashing and disinfecting, and social distancing.

Since technology is highly accessible to all of our knights, ladies, and affiliates, we urge everyone to perform transactions with the International Headquarters using online platforms such as e-mail, Facebook, or other digital means. This move can contribute greatly to our IHQ secretariat in avoiding exposure to the said virus.

As we are called again by our country to serve even if our physical presence is not recommended, we invite all of you to share information that we post on our Knights of Rizal International Headquarters Supreme Council page about CoVID-19 precautionary measures and updates. We also urge you to be vigilant against sharing of fraudulent information in social media platforms. Check the sources and the veracity of the articles before sharing because one error in sharing fake information can easily cause panic to the populace.

This month-long period of community quarantine gives as lots of time revising and studying the life, works, and virtues of our national hero. It is a rare opportunity for us. As much as you can, spend this period in reading books about Rizal, his two great novels Noli and El Fili, his essays and short stories, and articles related to him and the Knights of Rizal. This wealth of time and knowledge can contribute greatly in building ourselves as “such true education proudly gives the pleasure of virtue to young and old.” (Rizal, Por la Educacion Recibe Lustre La Patria)

On this note, let us all thank the medical, emergency, and frontline personnel stationed to their respective posts at this period of great emergency and urgency for giving their very best in saving lives and eradicating this menace.

Nevertheless, we also pray to God Almighty that this pestilence may come to an end and a remedy to CoVID-19 may be found.

Stay safe, brother knights, ladies, and affiliates. Non omnis moriar!

Supreme Commander

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